Buthus australis

(Scorpion Venom)

OVERSTIMULATION: Over-stimulation of the lungs and the heart; the over stimulation of this remedy tends to focus on the mental symptoms more than on the physical

HEART: Feeling of heat in heart; feeling as though a pice of wood has been mailed between heart and lungs

LUNGS: Difficult breathing, often with palpitations; fear of not being able to breathe

NERVES AND MENTAL: Lack of confidence with an intense need to prove themselves as clever, brilliant, and sophisticated; tend to become complainers, suspicious, and hypochondriacal and see themselves as victims; often feel like outsiders; indecision and worry; intellectual work is difficult and tiring; alternating moods relating to speaking—sometimes taciturn and at other times feeling an irresistible need to speak

GENERAL: Pains and stiffness in the neck; throbbing headaches; trembling of the limbs; pain when walking; red spots on the skin; sensation of coldness with icy needles pricking the skin; sleepiness and insensitivity; constriction in the throat; vertigo when walking; symptoms reappear with yearly periodicity

MODALITIES: Better from rest and eating; worse from effort and intellectual work; worse in the late afternoon

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