Calcarea carbonica

(Calcium Carbonate)

Protection and withdrawal combine with homesickness and needing mom to come and spoil them a little bit and take over their responsibilities for awhile. Calcareas are often indicated during pregnancy. and postpartum

MENTALS: Overworked, overwhelmed, Strong sense of duty & responsibility, Works to complete exhaustion, Anxiety about health, Feels mind is weak; everybody must know it—this becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

GENERAL: Obesity, flabbiness, puts on weight easily; Weakness, fatigue, inner trembling, difficulty climbing stairs; Perspiration back of neck during sleep; Uterine fibroids with profuse bleeding; Craves eggs, sweets—pastries & ice cream; Back weakness, low back pain; Arthritis, worse from cold and damp; Cold feet in bed (wears socks to bed)

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