Calcarea fluorata

(Calcium Fluoride)

The sensitivity to criticism and the opinions of others characteristic of calcarea combined with the superficiality of relationships of the fluoratas makes this a very difficult pattern to live in. All fluoratas manifest with frightening and uncomfortable symptoms in the body.

MENTALS: Indecision, depression; Anxiety about state of own health; Prolonged grief from unexpected, sudden loss; Unreasonable fear of financial loss, poverty, heights, mice.

GENERAL: Hot flashes w/palpitations then chilliness; Teeth crumble and break easily; insufficient enamel on teeth—(family genetic pattern seen in children); Large, hard uterine fibroids (also Epiphysterinum); Arthritis, joint pains (nodes), bone spurs; Stiff neck with a great deal of pain; Craves sweets, salt, pickles; Varicose and enlarged veins; Acute indigestion when fatigued

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