Calcarea phosphorica

(Calcium Phosphate)

This is a very sensitive pattern as it combines the calcarea sensitivity to criticism and insecurity with phosphorica’s anxiousness and vague bad feelings about something happening to loved ones. Problems manifest in bones, teeth, and with growth issues.

MENTALS: Peevish, discontented; constantly complaining; Slow comprehension; Can be open, friendly, and sensitive; Never satisfied and easily bored, sighing; Prostrated by homesickness but when home, wants to go anywhere else; (Remedy for mentally & physically handicapped children)

GENERAL: Obesity, flabbiness, puts on weight easily; Enlargement of tonsils; Soft, thin, brittle bones; osteoporosis; spine curvature; Chronic stomach aches, slow teething in children; Craving for bacon, ham, salted or smoked meats; Tip of nose is icy cold.

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