Calendula officinalis

(pot marigold)

A remarkable healing agent when applies locally or taken internally as a homeopathic remedy. Given internally, calendula slows bleeding. If bleeding has been excessive previously, calendula helps with exhaustion from bleeding and from excessive pain such as might occur after surgery or a traumatic accident. An excellent remedy for small tears and abrasions occurring during childbirth.

MENTALS: Always anticipating shock or trauma; live in fear that something terrible will happen suddenly and create havoc in their lives.

CONDITIONS: Abrasions, cuts, burns, wounds, broken skin surfaces, burns, scalds, sunburns, prevents and heals infections, antiseptic for sores abscesses, infection at wound sites, prevention of scar formation, torn tensons and muscles, fever and chills, goose bumps, head injuries including concussions, healing of ruptured eardrum, heartburn, ulcers including bleeding ulcers.

COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS: Especially indicated when pain is out of proportion—excessive—for the amount and type of injury; amazing in handling pain when given before and then after impending surgery; especially indicated, rather than other similar remedies, for persons who tend to catch a cold in damp weather.