Carbo vegetabilis

(Vegetable Charcoal)

Indicated for persons who have not fully recovered or are suffering from a chronic or serious illness. Vitality is low and they are exhausted by the slightest activity. Lie down frequently during the day, often falling asleep. Sleep, however, is unrefreshing. A strong keynote is that the face is unusually pale and cold but with a rapid pulse. In severe cases, the lips have a blue tinge and respiration slows. Diarrhea followed by frequent vomiting after the diarrhea seems improved.

MENTALS: Indifference to everything he hears and sees; indifference go music which he previously loved; anxiety in the evening and in the early morning; oversensitive to noise; timid about speaking in public; aversion to company; avoids conversataion; easily frightened or startled.

CONDITIONS: food poisoning; indigestion; acid stomach; distended veins; indicated for late stages of serious illness such as pneumonia and bronchitis; swollen, hard glands; suited to weak constitutions and the infirmities of old age or to those prematurely aging; medicas mention a tendency to malignancies

COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS: Similar to Arsenicum album but more specific to food poisoning from spoiled meats.