(Caustic Potash)

Causticum is indicated for neurological problems. Causticum is a grief remedy and usually applies best where there has been a history of repeated griefs. Causticum people feel other people’s pain, as well as their own, with unusual intensity. This constant bombardment of pain often results in a pervading sadness that may settle in to depression.
This remedy has been found to be very effective against grief that has been buried. There has been a wall built up to protect against similar circumstances and the risk of similar grief in the future. Unresolved emotional wounds caused by loss are still holding the person in its grip.
A person needing this remedy exhibits great emotional sensitivity and tends to build protective walls around their heart. May have great anger towards perceived injustice or the abuse of authority by others. Resent any turn the other cheek teachings. Grief issues have been scarred over. With Causticum, there is usually the need for another remedy also. Extreme adult Causticum cases are anarchists.

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