Cenchris contortrix

(Copperhead Snake)

Cenchris is a deep acting and restorative remedy and has the main features that belong to all snake remedies but with little hemorrhagic symptoms is issues in the kidneys.

HEART: Heart feels distended or enlarged, filling the entire chest; hard aching with sudden sharp stitching pain in heart; throbbing or fluttering under left scapula; shortness of breath; strongly conscious of the beating of the heart

LUNGS: Hard, dry, tickling cough that gets worse in the afternoon, even causing escape of urine

NERVES AND MENTAL: Lack of confidence with an intense need to prove themselves as clever, brilliant, and sophisticated; tend to become complainers, suspicious, and hypochondriacal and see themselves as victims; often feel like outsiders; indecision and worry; intellectual work is difficult and tiring; alternating moods relating to speaking—sometimes taciturn and at other times feeling an irresistible need to speak

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Swelling of upper lip; increased sexual desire; pain in right ovarian region; intolerant of tight clothing, particularly over the abdomen; swelling like bags over eyes and under the brows; left eye waters; eyes ache with dimness of vision; itching of eyes, beginning with the left eye and spreading to the right eye; headache on left frontal eminence going down into the teeth; vivid horrible dreams that cannot be shaken off even during waking hours; nausea better by ice but water causes vomiting; diarrhea early in the morning on waking; thick tough mucous in the throat.

MENTALS: Alternation of moods; great foreboding followed by laughter and joy; forgetful; absent-minded (gets into the wrong car, drives past destination); sensation of time passing very slowly; anxiety and presentiments of death; jealousy; quarrelsome; suspicious; vivid dreams; anxiety, especially in the evenings with feelings that they are going to die suddenly and without warning.

MODALITIES: Worse lying down, and from pressure; symptoms are worse on waking, getting better with the days movements but get worse in the afternoon, staying all evening and into the night; relief is short-lived as symptoms will be worse again when first waking in the morning.

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