Chelidonium majus

(Greater Celandine)

Primarily thought of as a liver remedy, but useful in a wide variety of right-sided complaints; useful for neonatal jaundice; right sided headache; abdominal pain radiating to right scapular region; right scapular or shoulder pain; right-sided pneumonia; irritable and easily upset; vexed about every trifle; violent attacks of passionate outbursts of temper; headache that is better after eating.

KEYNOTES: Right-sided complaints; domineering people; craves cheese, warm drinks, milk.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Stuck in a situation, and very frightened when subjected to intense pain and suffering. The malaria is noted for intermittent situations like gallstones, etc., which are very painful, but the pain is rarely constant.

MIASM: Malaria

COMPARISONS: Lycopodium clavatum, Bryonia alba, China officinalis, Sanguinaria canadensis, Sulphur

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