Cicuta virosa

(Water Hemlock)

Concussions; convulsions; epilepsy; head injuries; cerebrospinal meningitis; tetanus; spasms; colic with convulsions and vomiting; twitching of facial muscles; craves to eat chalk and many other strange things; trembling palpitations of the heart; nightmares after movies or sad stories; hiccups.

(Pica) Abnormal appetite for chalk, charcoal, coal, and—interestingly—cabbage, which is really enjoyed. Unusual keynotes include grinding of the teeth and a tendency toward convulsions in which the body bends backwards.

KEYNOTES: Anxiety about the future; suspicious; aversion to company and people in general; contemptuous; neck muscles are contracted; rigid limbs.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Suspicious, mistrustful, feels both attacked and shunned; reaction is to hate and shun people back.

MIASM: Leprosy

COMPARISONS: Natrum muriaticum, Arsencium album, Belladonna, Arsenicum album, Bryonia alba

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