Cocculus indicus

(Indian Cockle)

This remedy mainly affects the central nervous system; usually includes some type of vertigo. Early symptoms are over excitability, restlessness, dizziness, anxiety and agitation; later problems with conduction along the nerves. Senses become distorted (confusion) and delayed (full second delay before perceiving a pin prick).

(CFS) Cocculus indicus works on progressive nervous disorders, so the symptom picture runs from mild restlessness through deeper patterns like vertigo, and literally, being extremely sick from stress and grief. There is sensitivity to light and noise and the person is always made worse from loss of sleep. Motion sickness is often extreme, making any kind of travel difficult.

(Lyme Disease) Cocculus indicus may be indicated for the rash stage if the rash resembles a nettle rash and is burning and itching. The joint pain is usually centered in the shoulders and small of the back. There is liver involvement with this remedy along with the irritability and anger at interruptions that characterizes people with liver problems. Headache and heart palpitations with vertigo are also part of this remedy picture.

KEYNOTES: Intense concern for the welfare of another—so intense it leads to a breakdown of the nervous system; true vertigo (must lie down); motion sickness. Travel sickness where there is nausea, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, feeling of faintness, and vomiting. Person must lie down to prevent vomiting. Worse for fresh air, eating, drinking, movement, or sitting up.

FIRST AID CONDITIONS: Motion sickness; nausea; jet lag; sleep deprivation; vertigo

FIRST AID COMMENTS AND INDICATION: Besides motion sickness and jet lag, this is a remedy for any ailment that has come about because of lack of sleep (when caring for loved ones, for example).

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