Coccus cacti


This remedy is made from insects that infest cactus plants.

(Whooping Cough) The mucous is long and stringy and comes from both the mouth and the nose, causing the child to strangle. Coccus is especially useful for bronchial catarrh after the whooping cough has passed.

SENSITIVITIES AND SKIN CONDITIONS: General sensitivity to touch and pressure mouth so sensitive that brushing teeth sometimes causes vomiting.

KIDNEYS: Lancing violent pain from kidneys to bladder; urine with brick-red sediment; kidney stones; blood in the urine; constant urging to urinate that is better for passing clots from the uterus.

TEMPERATURE/FEVER: Most symptoms are worse from warmth, being in a warm room, or from the warmth of bed; teeth extremely sensitive to cold; catarrh worse with slightest exposure to cold; catarrh from autumn until warm weather returns.

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Whooping cough attacks; coughing attacks ending in vomiting due to ropy mucous; pepper-like burning in mouth and nostrils; coughs from feeling of rawness in air passages; feeling that something is wedged under the eyelids; cracking in ears when swallowing.

REPRODUCTIVE: Menses too early with profuse bleeding, black and thick with dark clots; inflamed labia.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: Confusion that is better for fresh air; irritable; fretful; anxiety about the heart; sadness on waking; sadness again in the afternoon; alternately, a lively talkative mood.

MODALITIES: Better for cold drinks; better for washing with cold water; better for walking; worse after sleep; worse from pressure of clothing.

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