Coffea cruda

(Unroasted Coffee)

Coffea acts predominantly on the nerves creating over-excitement and over-sensitivity to any type of stimulation; insomnia—wakes from the slightest noise or is kept awake by racing thoughts; generally aggravated by stimulation, noise and strong emotions; pneumonia; cough of gastic origin Coffea cruda (and caffeine in any form) antidotes a great many homeopathic preparations. The stronger remedies (1M) and above are generally not affected by caffeinated drinks, at least not as drastically.

(Headache) This is for a headache where the scalp and head are supersensitive. Feels like a nail is being driven through the skull. Hyperactive with dozens of thoughts running around and around in the brain.

KEYNOTES: Over-excitability, over-senstivity, Insomnia.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Must come up with creative ideas quickly. There is a sense of tight deadlines to be met.

MIASM: Tubercular.

COMPARISONS: Many for one symptom or another, but none for a good proportion of the whole picture.

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