(Bitter Cucumber)

Lamenting and complaining day and night; ailments after anger, with silent grief; impatient, easily annoyed when in pain; sensitive to misfortunes of others—equally sensitive to own pain and grief; many symptoms in the abdominal area and head (neuralgic, cutting-type pains usually on the left side); colic remedy; worse after cold drinks, when over-heated and following anger (generally irritable people who anger easily); neuralgia with chilliness; sounds re-echo in the ears; contractions and cramps in muscles.

KEYNOTES: Pain in abdomen causes the person to bend over double, is better for hard pressure; sciatic pain, better for pressure and heat; persistent bitter taste in mouth; ovarian cysts.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Feels that people are doing disturbing things deliberately to annoy him.

MIASM: Malaria—this miasm falls between the acute miasm and the sycosis miasm and has characteristics of each. The malaria miasm is fitting because there is the desire to escape (acute miasm) uncomfortable situations that are uncomfortable only because the person perceives that they have some flaw in their character (sycosis miasm) that make them unworthy or unable to cope with the situation.

COMPARISONS: Dioscorea villosa, Chamomilla vulgaris, Cocculus indicus, Mercurius solublis, Magnesia phosphorica, Staphasagria

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