(Poison Hemlock)

Acts primarily on the nerves and muscles anywhere in the body—useful for a great many complaints if general and keynote symptoms match; cataracts; weakness of body and mind; paralysis of some sort; trembling; progressive debility marks this remedy; this remedy is often indicated following injury or bruising where the affected part becomes hard, swollen, or inflamed.

KEYNOTES: Strange symptom of sweating when sleeping, or even just closing ones eyes; noted for menstrual problems in women where keynote symptoms (particularly swollen breasts before period) are present; also noted for use with cataracts.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Must be in control even when unexpectedly attacked.
An Example: Socrates, even though poisoned by deadly hemlock, maintained total control of his faculties. He continued his philosophical lectures with great calmness and showed no fear of coming discomfort or death. He chastised his followers and asked them to leave his bedside if they broke into tears or lost control of their emotions. Perhaps the poison having an effect on his mental state as well as his physical body.

MIASM: Cancer

COMPARISONS: Hydrastis canadensis, Kali phosphoricum, Hyoscyamus niger, Curare woorari

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