(Balsam of Copaiva)

Chief action is on the genito-urinary organs and rectum; also affects the mucus membranes of the respiratory organs and the skin, producing a nettle-like rash; painful urination with burning pressure; disfiguring acne; flushes of blood to the head and face; sensitive scalp; food seems too salty; chronic catarrh of the throat; painful cough with heat and oppression of the chest; burning in the lungs.

KEYNOTES: Chronic bronchitis; mucous colitis; hives.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Avoids any kind of splitting apart or disharmony in any relationships and hides and covers up any problems that are occurring.

MIASM: Sycotic

COMPARISONS: Santalum album, Cannabis indica, Cantharis vesicatoria, Apis mellifica, Vespa crabro, Senecio aureus, Sepia succus

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