Corallium rubrum

(Red Coral)

Corallium affects the mucous membranes, especially those of the respiratory tract

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: nosebleeds, ulceration within the nostrils; whooping and spasmodic coughs; violent suffocative coughing attacks, with complete exhaustion afterwards; coughs with spitting of blood; face becomes purple from coughing; pain between shoulder blades when coughing; air passages feel cold when breathing deeply; mucous dropping through posterior sinuses.

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Congestion of blood to head when bending over; pressing pain in forehead aggravated by breathing cold air, especially through the nose; nausea with dry mouth and violent headache; constipation followed by passing of mucous with stool; teeth feel as if they are sitting too close or as if something is lodged between them; feels chilly but skin feels abnormally warm; throat sensitive to cold air.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: Fear of suffering and pain; cross; fretful; quarrelsome; tends to scold others or become abusive when not feeling well; great restlessness, nervousness, and tossing about during sleep; feels unaccustomed to his life and unable to cope.

MODALITIES: Worse from inhaling cold air; worse moving from a warm room to a cold one; worse towards morning; worse being uncovered at night.

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