Crocus sativus


(Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infant Care) Movements of fetus are violent and painful to the mother and there is a sensation of rolling or bounding of the baby in the uterus. Crocus sativus is a remedy for miscarriages, effective when the presenting blood is black and stringy with the tails of the clots adhering to symptoms. Crocus sativus is also effective for retained placenta with ice-cold extremities and hemorrhages coming in dark, large, stringy clots. Palpitations with anxiety.
General symptoms include hysteria, alternation of sudden anger with talking and laughing, dry eyes that burn, weakness in knees and legs, and obstinate constipation. Physical symptoms rapidly change sides and mental symptoms alternate from one extreme to the other, and there is great forgetfulness.

(Addictions) Picture includes rapid changing of mental conditions—anger and violence followed by sorrow and repentance, laughter quickly followed by tears and despondency, etc. This remedy is helpful with fainting spells and the after-effects of surgery and surgical anesthesia.

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