Crotalus horridus

(Timber Rattlesnake)

The timber rattlesnake, though quite poisonous, is not very aggressive. Most symptoms of this remedy are right sided. Another interesting note—like Laches, Crotalus horridus is listed as a remedy to fight bubonic plague, yellow fever, and cancer—particularly stomach cancer.

(Influenza) Crotalus horridus, being a snake remedy, has hemorrhagic symptoms. This is the remedy that most closely matched the symptoms of the 1918 flu because of the black and stringy nosebleeds, swollen and bleeding tongue, bleeding gums, and the vomiting of blood. Other symptoms of Crotalus include retinal hemorrhages, headache with pain in the occiput and center of the forehead. The headache is accompanied by vertigo. There is also liver destruction with hemorrhage, and eventually, hemorrhaging from every orifice of the body.

HEART: In the materia medicas there are a lot of heart symptoms listed but none are highlighted as keynotes. Symptoms include the heart beating rapidly, but feebly; heart tender when lying on left side; pain in heart felt through left shoulder and down left arm; palpitations.

BLOOD/HEMORRHAGIC: Hemorrhages from every part of the body; hemorrhages are slow, oozing dark thin blood with not clots; retinal hemorrhages (suggested for absorption of eye hemorrhages)

KIDNEYS: Nephritis; painful retention of urine; urine copious and light colored

LUNGS: Asthma accompanied by heart disease: asthma with great prostration, a blue puffy countenance, and cold sweats; quick labored breathing with weak pulse and nervous agitation; pneumonia with a tendency to serious destruction of lung tissue and/or hemorrhage

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Profound nervous shock; septic conditions with the sloughing of tissues; infection of the lymph vessels; tired on the slightest exertion; tissues rapidly decomposing; intestinal hemorrhage; violent pain in left side near last ribs; sensitivity to light; in females, sensation as if uterine would drop out (see Sepia); menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and sweating; miscarriages due to septic conditions; diseases related to alcohol abuse; headache with severe pain in the center of the forehead; vertigo; nosebleeds with black, stringy blood

MENTALS: Aversion to family; poor memory; forgets words, figures, names, and places; mistakes in writing; suspicious about friends; melancholy; readily moved to tears; indifference; thoughts dwell on death continually; sensitivity to certain people; nervous agitation with paleness and cold sweats; impatient; irritable; infuriated by least annoyances; alternating suspicion and snappishness with quiet indifference.

MODALITIES: Like most snake remedies, symptoms are worse in the morning on waking; symptoms are worse on the right side; worse from alcohol; worse in a yearly cycle; better from rest, motion, and light (except eye symptoms); head and stomach symptoms are better from open air.

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