Culex musca/pipiens


This remedy presents as on fire, burning pains like the fires of Hades; itching and burning are present everywhere throughout this remedy; continually rubbing and scratching wherever the itching appears

SENSITIVITIES AND SKIN CONDITIONS: Tormented by itching and burning heat; must scratch to relieve the constant itching, but scratching only aggravates the condition further; no comfort to be found anywhere.

KIDNEYS: No particular kidney or bladder symptoms, unless the incredible itching is somehow tied to the kidneys. This seems logical since there is also edematous swelling going on.

TEMPERATURE/FEVER: Hot flashes with a feeling that a chill will follow

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Dull frontal headache about 5 am which goes away after lying awake for awhile; headache over the right eye accompanied by vertigo; boring pain in temple coming and going throughout the day; inflamed eyes, painful to keep open but just as painful when closed; margins of the lids sore and crusted over; inflammation of the lids with discharge of sticky fluid in the morning; restless unrefreshing sleep with much tossing about.

REPRODUCTIVE: Menses too soon with a dark clotty flow; violent pains in the uterus, relieved only by going to bed; horribly intense itching and burning in vagina—this symptom may return at intervals for years.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: The provings and notes of homeopathic practitioners are full of comments about people needing this remedy having found themselves in preposterous situations of having their possessions borrowed, taken, or moved about for someone else’s convenience without their consent. The general feeling is of having one’s space invaded, of being taken advantage of, and being manipulated. It is almost as though the expectation sets one up for the actual events. restlessness; great impatience when interrupted; ready for a quarrel; fear of death; poor memory; doesn’t feel like working.

MODALITIES: Worse in a warm room; better in the open air; worse for light pressure but better from firm pressure.

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