Curare woorari

(Arrow Poison)

Seems to be made from Curare, Cocculus toxicferus, and a new species of Strychnos. Action is on the muscles, causing paralysis; weakness, numbness with tingling; piercing, sharp pains; mind shows indecision, no longer wants to think or act for herself; forgetful; can be either depressed with desire to be alone or excited and in a hurry; stiffness of muscles of neck and shoulder, more often on the right side; instant giddiness while standing or walking.

KEYNOTES: Reflex action is poor; chest sore to pressure or touch; respiratory system feels paralyzed.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Intensely shocked, shattered, and disappointed as the result of being abandoned by his own relatives and family; curare is in the leprosy miasm, but some of the mental symptoms are almost desperate enough to be described as syphilitic.

MIASM: Leprosy

COMPARISONS: No close ones for entire picture, some for individual symptoms of the whole.

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