Digitalis purpurea


This remedy is a heart remedy; also affects liver, lungs, stomach, and genitourinary organs; slow pulse while reclining, becomes irregular on sitting up; better when stomach is empty; blue color of the lips and eyelids; thirst but little appetite; coldness of hands and feet; enlarged liver; jaundice with heart disease; starts from sleep; neuralgic pain in stomach.

KEYNOTES: Doubtful of his soul’s welfare; embarrassment in the presence of strangers; cardiac muscular failure; great weakness; anxious about future; sudden sensation as if the heart has stood still; mitral valve disorders; pulse weak and quickened by the least movement.

SANKARAN MENTALS: If I do something wrong and am discovered, some important connections will be broken; I must be careful so that these connections do not break. I could not stand it if these connections were broken.
(Heart Problems and Congestive Heart Failure) Digitalis is used when there is an abnormally slow pulse (bradycardia), or (tachycardia) rapid pulse with inadequate conduction of oxygen, etc. Indicated for rheumatic heart disease or heart problems that are the result of other serious illness.

MIASM: Sycotic

COMPARISONS: Crataegus oxyacantha, Spigelia anthelmintica

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