Echinacea angustifolia pupurea

(purple cornflower)

Echinacea, in any form, is a blood and immune system tonic and is outstanding in these areas. It is used to ward off and/or to recover from viral infections such as the common cold and the flu. Often recommended for recurrent vaginal yeast infections. Useful for lymphatic logging. Keynotes include pains that come and go suddenly and tend to be worse in the evening. Chilliness with nausea and aching of the limbs. Usually better for lying down. With insect bites and stings, echinacea acts as a blood purifier and, as such, speeds recovery and a return to normal.

MENTALS: brain fog;vertigo, aversion to mental exercises; dullness from headache; becomes angry when corrected or contradicted; tired; drowsy; unhappy; sad; confused; shattered by severe trauma with the positive aspects of able to maintain a firm sense of self even when beliefs are being challenged.

CONDITIONS: boils; blood poisoning; septic conditions; bites of poisonous animals, gangrene, snakebites, insect bites and stings; changes in the blood; infected wounds; tendency to suppuration; effects of vaccination

COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS: Angustifolia and purpurea are thought to have similar indications and uses. Certainly the root causes the same sensation on the lips and on the tongue.