Elaps corallinus

(Coral Snake)

Elaps is a predominantly right-sided remedy. The snake is not very aggressive but the venom is extremely poisonous. This snake remedy is listed as a remedy for cancer, particularly breast cancer. Many other factors are at play in any cancer. Snake remedies predominate because of their miasmatic relationship. As always, a remedy—snake or otherwise—should be chosen based on the totality of symptoms of the individual person having the cancer.

HEART: Palpitations with anxiety and trembling of the hands; sensation as if the heart has been lacerated; sharp pain and soreness of the chest when touched; oppression of chest when going up stairs; feeling of a heavy load on the chest; soreness across chest moving from right to left armpits

BLOOD/HEMORRHAGIC: Hemorrhages that are dark black; sensation as if all the blood were collecting in the head; black ear wax; black discharges from the lungs

KIDNEYS: Urine red colored with cloudy sediment; discharge of mucous from urethra

LUNGS: Pneumonia—each indrawn breath produces a crackling sound in the lungs; cough with terrible pain through lungs; hemorrhage from lungs that is black and watery; sharp pain in left side of chest, worse breathing; stitching pain in apex of right lung

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Spasms followed by paralysis, usually on the right side; internal coldness with cold feeling in the stomach; acid stomach with feeling of faintness; stomach pain better lying on the abdomen; bowels feel knotted and twisted together; painful pressure on the right side in liver area; pressure between the shoulders; pain and chilliness in the back; buzzing noises in the ears; eyeballs feel as if they are sticking to the lids; in females, discharge of black blood between menses; sensation as if something has burst in the uterus, then continuous stream of dark colored blood (cysts or fibroid tumors?); violent headache extending from forehead to base of skull; headache worsens with mental exertion; severe sharp pain in forehead; cold perspiration all over; skin hot and dry; drowsy all day, no sleep at night; red blotches in the throat; vertigo when stooping; dirty red spots or a red bar between eyes

MENTALS: Fear of being left alone; eels separate from others; fear that causes chattering of the teeth and trembling; depressed; tolerant of touch unless feeling restrained; vibrant; attractive; can be confident when well-balanced; articulate, or struggling here; aggression towards others; struggles with parenthood and parental instincts; desire to be independent sparring with a desire to be connected to home

MODALITIES: Cold things disagree causing a cold feeling, first in the stomach and then in the chest

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