Eupatorium perfoliatum


Influenza; recurrent fevers; malaria; also used for pain of fractured bones; great thirst followed by chilliness and aching of bones; hoarseness and cough with soreness in the chest; worse at night.

(Influenza) This is one of the premier remedies that saved lives in the epidemic of 1918. Achy bone pain, intense back pain, heavy feeling headache with soreness of the eyeballs, high fever with chills, hoarseness and dry cough with soreness in the chest, and thirst for very cold drinks even during the chills that are a hallmark of this remedy. Hiccups often accompany other symptoms.

KEYNOTES: Tremendous aching in the bones, especially lower back; chilliness, but craves cold drinks.
(Flu) Awful flu with characteristic intense pains in bones and lower back (even hips). Skin all over feels dry and sore. Even the eyeballs and scalp feel achy and tender. Fever with chills. Nausea. Vomiting of food and bile. Very thirsty but vomits after drinking anything.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Feels unable to cope with impending acute threat because of some deficiency in himself. Very anxious.

MIASM: Malaria

COMPARISONS: Bryonia alba, Pyrogenium, Natrum muriaticum

FIRST AID CONDITIONS: Chills; bone pains; fever; flu; diarrhea

FIRST AID COMMENTS AND INDICATION: Conditions where there is a great deal of pone pain and the muscles feel bruised and sore in illness such as flu and fever. Eup person is restless and is often moaning from the pain. Often there is throbbing pain in the back of the head.

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