Euphydryas aurinia

(Marsh Fritillary)

One proving by Patricia LeRoux at a working seminar for homeopathic doctors in 2007. Six provers took the remedy; six took a placebo. One case history of a small child.

PHYSICAL: Skin—Eruptions of weeping plaques which itched, found particularly on the large surface areas of the body such as the back, stomach, thighs which were ameliorated by warm water and by exposure to either sunlight or ultraviolet light; Eyes—red and hot, as if they had been burned with swelling of the eyelids; Head—headache as though the forehead was bound with a tight band; throbbing temples; head symptoms ameliorated by warm applications

HYPERACTIVITY: Lively and cheerful but also restless and mercurial; can become very agitated

FEELINGS OF ABANDONMENT: in the case study the child had lost her mother at a young age but was being well cared for by loving extended family members. In spite of loving environment, further separations, such as going to school, aggravated the child’s symptoms.

GENERAL: Symptoms were made better by warm applications and better in the sunlight

TRANSFORMATION/METAMORPHOSIS: Liking to change their environment by redecorating, even as children.

FOOD: NOT the usual butterfly desire for sweets—desire was for spicy food, swerved warm/hot

SLEEP/PROTECTION: The child in the case study slept on her stomach with arms folded under her like butterfly wings—a very protective pose.

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