Ferrum metallicum


Protection and withdrawal combine with homesickness and needing mom to come and spoil them a little bit and take over their responsibilities for awhile. Calcareas are often indicated during pregnancy. and postpartum

MENTALS: Firmness; stands ground. Forceful; determined; Preoccupied with business matters; Irritable—especially when contradicted ; Overly sensitive; Often quite aggressive and domineering; Great sensitivity to noises such as paper rustling when they are “working”; Feels that people are compelling them to act “against their wishes”; Often these people suffered beatings and abuse as a child.

GENERAL: Anemia; Flushes of heat with slight exertion but feels worse from resting; Long, continual headaches—often lasting 3-4 days; Periodic headaches—every 14 days is common; Pale face which flushes easily or red flushed face (color in this face is not a sign of health); Craves sweets, bread and butter, and tomatoes—Aversion: eggs, tomatoes

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