Ferrum phosphoricum

(Iron Phosphate)

This remedy combines the rigidity and perseverance of iron with the phosphorus focus on family. In a balanced state, this would be a good thing. Out of balance it creates a rigidity of thinking and irritation when opposed. Wants both to be left alone and to be a good family member. Often alternates between states of anger and apathy. Anemia usually plays a part in this pattern.
The characteristics of Ferrum and Phosphorus are nearly opposites, making people needing this remedy particularly difficult to identify.

MENTALS: Characterized by extremes—very talkative and excited or keeps very quiet. Anger or apathy; Often averse to company or fears going into crowds

GENERAL: Acute: high fever—usually 102 degrees or higher. Fever but no local or individual symptoms; Paleness of face alternating with redness; Sensitivity and fear of light. Triggers headache with fever; Anemia. Blood disorders. Hemorrhages; Conditions are usually right-sided (pneumonia, shoulder pain, etc.); Tonsillitis. Tonsils red and swollen; Useful for first stages of all inflammatory disorders.

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