Formica rufa

(Red Ant)

Formica rufa is an arthritis remedy, rather than one for burns or stings. Also affects the liver, kidneys, and right side of the body; has an action on the formation and clearing of polyps;

SENSITIVITIES AND SKIN CONDITIONS: Nettle rashes; hives that present in flat plaques; wounds that atrophy; nodes around the joints

KIDNEYS: Paralysis of the bladder; urine is bright yellow, saffron colored, with no sediment; urine seems to need to be passed frequently; bloody albuminous urine with much urging.

TEMPERATURE/FEVER: Disagreeable sweat during the night, awakes with clammy skin; profuse sweat that brings no relief from the heat.

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Arthritic and gouty pains which appear suddenly and dart from place to place; chronic; gout and stiffness in joints; paralysis and spasms of the spinal cord; weakness of lower limbs; pain in hips; itching in armpits in the morning; hand go numb; spasmodic twitching of the eyelids; would like to sleep but cannot find the right position; vertigo with everything moving about them; constant pressure at cardiac region of the stomach, with burning pain—homeopathic description of acid reflux.

REPRODUCTIVE: Menses scanty and pale with bearing down pains in the back; menses appears a full week before it should: ovarian cysts containing both water and blood.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: The emotional pattern of this remedy is that of being a slave—defenseless, weak, crushed, held down, and needing to work very hard to prove to everybody their value and right to even exist.

MODALITIES: Unlike other insect remedies, the symptoms that match this remedy are usually made better by pressure and be being rubbed; worse motion but also worse for sitting; worse from cold and damp.

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