Gelsemium sempervirens

(yellow jasmine)

This is a polycrest remedy, the symptoms go on for pages in Materia Medicas; the leading remedy for recovery from “flu”, rather epidemic (great record) or ordinary, seasonal types; chief complaint is weakness, by itself or accompanying other problems; weakness can be seen on all levels (physical, emotional, mental); neurological damage, particularly to the left side; headache beginning at occiput and radiating to the forehead; useful for stage fright by taking 20-30 minutes before performance; trembling of extremities from slight exertion; chills running up and down the back.

MENTALS Apprehension about upcoming event or task; apathy about the seriousness of illness and about consistently taking remedies to alleviate symptoms; dread of public places; feels that it takes great strength, more than he has, to face difficult situations. Reaction is to avoid, in any way possible, the situation that might produce a torn, shattered, ruined feeling.

CONDITIONS: congestive heart failure with accompanying keynote symptoms; debility, fatigue, chills; fevers; muscular weakness, neuralgias, vertigo; dizziness; drowsiness; trembling; various degrees of motor paralysis, bedwetting in nervous children; earache from cold; migraine headaches with double vision, weakness, and nausea;

COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS: This is a remedy for the convalescent stage of illness and for illnesses and general symptoms brought on by shock or fright; for the elderly who have become weak, frail, and have lost confidence in themselves and their ability to cope from day to day.