Used allopathically (as a medical treatment rather than in homeopathic potency) stimulates the heart to beat faster, but sometimes produces pulsating headaches as a side effect. The effects of nitroglycerin are indications of the remedy’s symptom picture and make it an obvious choice to treat intense pulsation of the heart, heart murmurs, and other congestive heart issues as well as pulsating bursting headaches. Headaches that respond to this remedy are often associated with heatstroke or sunstroke. Headaches throb in tandem with the heartbeat.

MENTALSConfused; bewildered; mental confusion with dizziness; Aversion to family—dislikes her husband and even her own children; often unusually energetic and loquacious, with a great flow of ideas spewing forth; symptoms are made worse by noise.

CONDITIONS: Sudden vascular congestion; violent pulsations; blood rushes upwards to the heart and to the head; collapse, feeble heart; arterial tension; strokes; general pulsations throughout the body, often with numbness; congestive headaches; menopausal headaches; angina pectoris; violent palpitations with throbbing carotids; high blood pressure

COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS:Nitroglycerin is an explosive substance and the action of the homeopathic remedy derived from it is quick and violent. This is a tempestuous remedy. All conditions and symptoms have bursting, expansive, and sudden aspects to them.