This remedy should be used, quickly, if any of the conditions if a sudden, violent onrush of the physical symptoms listed below occur. Give this remedy, more than once if necessary and, perhaps, along with Cardio Arrhythmia #1, while on the way to the nearest medical facility.

This remedy (not in homeopathic/blessed water form) is used in allopathic medicine for certain heart issues and in the prevention or moderating of oncoming angina attacks, strokes, or more serious heart attacks. Unfortunately, nitroglycerin has an alarming list of side effects, including an aversion to and dislike of his/her wife/husband and children. Oddly, unless you have studied and experienced the way in which homeopathic/blessed water remedies work, you may be surprised to learn that the known side-effects of nitroglycerin match the list of things Glonoinum, as a Blessed Water/Homeopathic remedy, treats. This is precisely according to homeopathic theory and well-proven, in administration, all over the word.

A need for nitroglycerin, as a homeopathic remedy, is indicated for such things as sudden vascular congestion with violent pulsations of the carotids, throbbing bursting headache, high blood pressure, and threatened stroke or heart attack. Any exertion brings a rush of blood to the heart and fainting spells. Mental symptoms include confusion with dizziness, fear from the sensation of swelling in the throat, fear of imminent death, and feelings of aversion and dislike towards his/her wife/husband and children (as described above as a possible side-effect of nitroglycerin as an allopathic drug remedy.

The emotional aversion to family side effects of the drug version is frightening to me because it could very well occur—and be misunderstood by the patient and their families—when nitroglycerin is taken as a medical treatment for a heart condition. The homeopathic potency version is much safer and does not display the well-known side effects of the drug. I do acknowledge, however, that in an emergency heart attack situation, the drug has, many times, saved lives. The homeopathic remedy, if people—including the medical profession— understood homeopathic/blessed water remedies could then be used to ‘clean up’ and do away with the symptoms brought on by the drug. I would, and have, used the remedy over the years when my own heart has been behaving badly.