Gonepteryx rhamni

(The Brimstone)

Proving done by Patricia LeRoux, double blind, 10 participants with five taking remedy and five taking the placebo. One dose, 200C, taken a time each day for a total of 2 doses. One case history of an infant.

HYPERACTIVITY: Restlessness not constant as with other butterfly remedies—great ability to concentrate and display an unusual calm when something catches the attention or interests them. This was true even in a 9-month old child. Sitting still is a very unusual symptom for a butterfly remedy—a keynote of this remedy.

SLEEP: Child in case study was very restless at night—may have been because of itching of skin or because she was naturally a restless child.

EMOTIONAL: Feelings of well-being and peaceful calm; perfect feeling of goodness, wanting to do good; not wanting to move—feeling that life is best when still; dreams are of beautiful things and great peace—one dream included a beautiful mother and baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes (a cocoon); feelings of abandonment (or real abandonment) and a need for protection that are common to all butterfly remedies.

PHYSICAL: Eruptions on the back of the hands, very itchy but not made better by scratching; eczema on face and around the joints such as knees and elbows; very aggressive, weepy conjunctivitis; headache, mostly in the forehead which lasted for 48 hours beyond the taking of the remedy.

COMMENTS: An outstanding characteristic is that, although they tend to be agitated and lively, the have a very great capacity to remain calm and still for very long periods of time.

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