Graphites naturalis

(Black Lead)

Powerful antipsoric;. effective for wide variety of ailments if mentals and emotionals fit.

(Herpes Simplex) Graphites naturalis is often a remedy for people—both men and women—who are overweight. The lesions are large and very itchy and often target the corners of the mouth.

GENERALS: Strong anti-psoric—particularly useful to close a case; Sluggish metabolism; Unhealthy skin;. tends to eczema, psoriasis; tens to scabs and fissures everywhere; Cobweb sensations on the face; Thickening of skin, glands, nails, old scars; Edema of legs; Particular affinity for the digestive system, the skin, mucous membranes and the metabolism.

MENTALS: Needs creative self-expression; Lacks self-confidence in their thinking skills; Has trouble concentrating. Can memorize without understanding; Anxious, fastidious—control of details lessens anxiety; (controlling the details means being prepared and that means survival—can relax); Music brings tears

MODALITIES: Better in dark and all wrapped up, yet better from walking in open air; weeping Worse from hot drinks; cold; drafts; suppression of eruptions; fats; warmth, too warm bed at night

COMPARISONS: Pulsatilla nigricans, Antimonium crudum, Cina maritima, Calcarea phosphorica, Hepar sulph calcareum

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