Graphium agamemnon

(The Tailed Jay)

Dr. Cheetna Shukla, India, conducted this proving with provers who were mostly practising medical homeopaths. The homeopathic history and profile of each prover was known to Dr. Shukla so all new symptoms were easy to trace and link back to the Graphium remedy.
Patricia LeRoux placed a detailed description of the observations of one of the provers in her book. The following is a synopsis of that material. One single dose, at 30C potency, was given. Amazingly strong and long-lasting reactions for such a dose. It was noted, however, that his prover traditionally responded dramatically to homeopathic treatment.

SKIN CONDITIONS: Pustular eruptions on the cheeks but with no pain or itching (unusual)—unnoticed by the prover until pointed out by his wife.

MENTAL: Balanced state—felt less mental stress than normal, even though events of the day were stressful and hectic—not stressful because I was enjoying it; physically and mentally free; felt particularly good when doing a lot of physical and mental exercise (this is a bit different from other butterfly remedies) Out of balance state—lack of concentration; moves from one toy or one projects after another; appears lazy; attention span is short—want to play instead of work; moving and fidgeting even when they are sitting down (just as the tailed jay flutters its wings ceaselessly, even when drawing nectar from a flower

EMOTIONAL: felt like spending a lot of money; felt a desire to go out and spend money—on others and self, just for fun; freedom from everything—a feeling of new beginnings; felt depressed and with a great need to cry from the weight of the world on his shoulders; felt the need for one season to end and a new one to begin—strongly desired a new beginning.

REACTIONS: Wanting things done quickly and efficiently; irritable when they are not done with efficiency; aggressiveness especially with those who have criticized him in some way; Desire for amusement, freedom, lightness and, most strongly, a desire for speed and to spend money, quickly and without much thought.

HYPERACTIVITY: restlessness that was usual for this prover was gone for a few days—able to sit calmly (useful for hyperactivity and ADHD?)

ABANDONED: Manifests, in this remedy, as a loss of self-confidence leading to self-criticism and disgust. Will be heard saying such things as “I’m worthless”; Feels that the adults in his life have betrayed and deserted him; if an adult, feels betrayal on every side; retreating into a depressive state but, like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, may emerge amazingly beautiful and productive after their hiding a way period.

SLEEP: Woke feeling fresh and energetic—willing and able to take on the day’s challenges; requiring less sleep than usual; sleep is sound and good.

FOOD: Eating for the enjoyment and the taste, particularly ice cream and sweet treats.

TRANSFORMATION/METAMORPHOSIS: A desire to sear black but with a color, usually bright, accenting it; a liking for colors that were previously disliked intensely (such as purple); generally a remedy for persons who are still in search of their own identity (or, as in my case, simply bored with things they already know and moving on in search of something new to learn and something else to do.

GENERAL: Wanting to converse and be listened to; very agitated and annoyed when not being heard.

COMMENTS: One case history included a young boy with a long-standing penchant for dressing up in girl’s clothing. This is a pattern among butterfly remedies. In this boy’s case, Graphium given a total of three times, cleared up the skin symptoms as well as putting an end to his dressing up as a girl.
Ten days after the remedy was taken, the mental and emotional symptoms the prover was experiencing were changing, but still very pronounced. He expressed that all restlessness was gone. The feeling of being ready and able to take on all challenges had been replaced by indifference to all things except one project, although he had always been able to do 5 or 6 jobs at the same time. Sleep patterns had also changed. Felt tired and wanted to sleep but found sleep to be to boring to contemplate—wanted to get something done but felt little energy or inclination to do it. Felt himself watching a lot of movies, an unusual trait for him. It was a little more than two weeks after taking the remedy before the prover felt that he was returning to normal self.
Notes: I took this remedy recently, because I didn’t have the one that was a closer match. While the remedy cleared the symptoms I was aiming it at very well, I also experienced some interesting symptoms of the remedy as described above. It was as though I was proving those parts of the remedy that I was not experiencing at the time.
I felt less stress and more enjoyment of the work I was doing—my life is so hectic and full that sometimes I forget to enjoy it. I felt a desire to spend money (actually did and spent it on myself in one whirlwind shopping spree!). I also experienced the focus on only one project (this book) where before I was more able to tolerate multiple projects and interruptions better. This was also mentioned by the prover.
I found myself very annoyed and frustrated by a situation in which things were not done in an efficient and quick manner. I was quite aggressive in my disapproval and, yes, it was in a situation where I often feel that others are critical of me. Recent homeopathic theories claim that it is rare for the wrong remedy to produce symptoms in people (at least, at low potencies) unless the symptom was something they covered up or suppressed at a previous time. Reacting aggressively to criticism is certainly one of those areas for me. I thought I had that under control until this situation arose while taking this remedy. Thought provoking.
I experienced eruptions on my cheeks exactly as described by other provers (haven’t had those in years but used to get them all the time). Later, a few days later as the remedy wore off, I felt a great depression and need to cry (again exactly as described by the prover). The feeling was that too many people were relying on me and I simply couldn’t do it all. This is actually a fairly common feeling for me, remedy or not, but the feeling was particularly intense.
I always like to wear black accented with color—this compulsion actually felt less to me for the first few days after taking the remedy. In fact, I wore several outfits with no black at all and enjoyed them! This is consistent with homeopathic theory. This is a pattern for me, not necessarily a good one, and the remedy cleared it because it was present at the time.

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