Hamamelis virginiana


The chief action of this remedy is on the veins and blood vessels especially of the limgs, rectum, genitals, and throat; symptoms are accompanied by thirst but water makes the person sick just to think about it.

MENTALSForgetful of words when talking; aversion to study, work, and even being spoken to; irritable, gloomy; depressed; feels unappreciated; anxiety at night; wandering thoughts when forced to study.

CONDITIONS: Useful for venous congestions, varicose veins, hemorrhoids with much bleeding; hemorrhages of all sorts (menstrual right through nosebleeds); pain down cervical vertebrae; bruises; burns; bleeding; hemorrhoids, vertigo; varicose veins, varicose ulcers; phlebitis; bruising and bleeding under the skin; headache chiefly in the temples

COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS:A number of interesting ideas have grown up around this plant. Parts of this shrub are used as divining rods for discovering water and metals.