Helonias dioica

(Unicorn Root)

Profound melancholy and depression; cannot tolerate the least criticism; finds fault with everyone; pain and weight in the back; frequent desire and urging to urinate; loss of appetite, food is tasteless; fullness and painful congestion of the stomach; headache that is better for exercise; all symptoms worse during pregnancy; feels hot when tired.

KEYNOTES: Prolapse and other mal-positions of the womb; uterine atony; can tell where the kidneys are because of the burning feeling in the area; menses too frequent and too profuse.

SANKARAN MENTALS: Must avoid being excluded. Accomplishes this by hyponchondria becasue illness keeps everyone focused on him.

MIASM: Sycosis

COMPARISONS: Lilium tigrinum, Pulsatella nigricans, Senecio aureus, Stannum metallicum, Agrimony Bach Flower Essence

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