Hepar sulphuris calcareum

(Calcium Sulphide)

Consider whenever there is abscess with suppuration and copious amounts of mucous, whether the abscess is internal or external.

(ADHD and Learning and Behavioral Disorders) These children are very hurried, especially in speech, quarrelsome, and very dissatisfied. Nothing ever seems to please the Hepar sulph personality. This type of personality often feels that the people they should be depending on for support treat them badly, put them down, and say things just to humiliate them. In children, these feelings often translate into violence and making threats of violence towards other children. They may try to carry a knife or some such thing to school. A keynote is feeling better when the weather is cold, but feeling very much worse if the weather is wet, even wet and cold.

GENERALS: Splinter like pains; Works on skin and gastrointestinal issues; Very cold remedy; Vulnerable to infections, sepsis, weather changes, chemicals, excess noise and light; Every little injury suppurates; Deep cracks on hands and feet.

MENTALS: A great sensitivity to pain and any outside stimuli; Violent impulses, especially when offended; Attraction to fire; Hypochondria ; Irritable, impatient, critical, hurried; Vulnerability; feelings of being threatened; feelings of vulnerability leads to despair and suicidal thoughts; Impulsive; impulses to commit violent act.

MODALITIES: Better in damp weather; Worse from slightest draft; From wrapping head.

COMPARISONS: Nux vomica, Lycopodium clavatum

FIRST AID CONDITIONS: Earache; slow healing of cuts, wounds, and injuries; joint pain; sore throat

FIRST AID COMMENTS AND INDICATOR: Hepar sulph calc is a very chilly remedy. Ailments needing this remedy are often brought on by exposure to cold and are always made worse by cold. The person for whom this remedy is effective almost always lacks internal warmth, which makes them especially susceptible to the cold.

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