Homarus gammarus

(Digestive Fluid of the Lobster)

A little lobster poison put into warm milk causes the milk to become a hard mass within 10 minutes. It is interesting that all symptoms of this remedy are worse for milk and milk is listed as the cause of the various ailments.

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Headaches with sharp pain that is mostly frontal and temporal, worse on the left side; headache with soreness in the eyes accompanied by dizziness; burning pain in the stomach that is usually better for eating, although even a light meal in the morning is not tolerated well; sudden itching of the skin, worse at night; itch is better fro scratching but immediately upon relief itching reappears somewhere else; strange dull feeling all over; is better for movement but finds it difficult to begin moving; great chilliness all over; feet feel cold and damp but then suddenly begin to burn; grinding pain just above the elbows; knees become weak and tremble; pain and lameness in various parts of the body; stinging and burning in nasal passages extending into the throat; nose stopped up in the morning; allergic reactions—burning and swelling in the throat with swelling spreading to lips, nose and eyes accompanied by difficulty breathing; sleep disturbed by illusive pains all over.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: Frightened and nervous but with an even greater dread of moving away from the perceived threat.

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