Hydrophis cyanocinctus

(Sea Serpent)

Hydrophis is a snake that has adapted to survive and thrive in a marine environment. They have many of the characteristics of snakes—except for hemorrhagic symptoms—but they also reflect their watery environment and have many of the symptoms common to the sea realm. The venom of this snake attacks the peripheral nerves, producing polio-like symptoms. It is speculated that the fundamental action of the venom, and the homeopathic remedy, is on the muscles as well as the nerves. Hydrophis is recommended as a treatment for the side-effects of schizophrenia medications, poliomyelitis, muscular dystrophies, diphtheria, and injuries from accidents. Hydrophis is a left-sided remedy.

HEART: Chest and heart pain that is worse for lying flat; feelings of abnormal dryness and burning in the chest; extra contraction between regular heart beats (systole); arrhythmia; valvular diseases; coronary arthritis-like inflammation; septicemia

BLOOD/HEMORRHAGE: Menses abundant; blood-streaked vaginal discharge; fibroid tumors; none of the serious hemorrhagic symptoms of other snake remedies.

LUNGS: Inflammation of the trachea; bronchitis; shortness of breath.

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Paralysis without loss of sensation in the affected parts; stinging pains in the limbs and in the left hip; dry throat; numbness in the limbs; shingles; earache; deafness in left ear; vaginitis; headache with beating in the temples and sensation of tight band around head; headache particularly bad on the left side and in the front; headache worse in the morning and worse from heat; mouth very dry in the morning; toothache in the molars on the left side; painful swollen hemorrhoids; dry skin with chapped hands; skin itching on different areas of the body; disturbed sleep with nightmares between 2 and 4 am which produce a feeling of anguish; pain in the upper part of the abdomen, worse after meals; profuse sweating without body heat; f ever with shivering; tonsillitis; hoarseness worse in the morning and after speaking; dryness in the larynx; fatigue; tenderness in the muscles.

MENTAL: The young of sea serpents are born alive and must swim immediately to the surface to breathe. They must do this entirely on their own, independently, with no parental assistance or care at all. This need to “do it themselves” is reflected in the remedy. There is also an element of overcompensation for any inadequacies, whether emotional or physical. If there is something wrong (an injury from which they should never walk again, for example) the person will work and work as hard and as long as it takes to conquer or compensate for the deficiency. The opposing symptoms of depression or disgust for life also exist, of course, and are severe to the same degree that the more positive symptoms appear Other mental/emotional symptoms include a state of euphoria followed by a period of sadness with tears; depression; likes and is better for consolation from others; irritabile; lethargic; lacks initiative; forgetful; difficulty concentrating; anxiety about the future (sometimes with clairvoyance about what is to come).

MODALITIES: Worse at night; worse in the morning; worse from heat; worse lying flat; worse lying on left side; worse before menses; worse from speaking (hoarseness and dryness of the throat)

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