Hypericum perforatum

(St. John’s Wort)

Excessive pain and nerve pain are the keynote indications for this remedy. Hypericum is specific to the treatment of injuries to nerve rich parts of the body (fingers, toes, spine, coccyx, etc). The nerve pain of hypericum is tingling, burning, or simply numb. Hypericum injuries are distinguished by several unique traits. Two of these traits are that wounds are more tender than appearance would indicate they should be and the pain from the wound is shooting or coming in spasms. Spasms of muscles after injury is a keynote of this remedy. Should be considered for all puncture wounds as a preventative for lockjaw. An excellent remedy for nerve pain after dental work.

MENTALSA remedy for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (depression due to lack of sunlight during the winter months); frequently used for general depression but is, of course, only effective if other keynote symptoms are also present; mistakes in writing and speaking—using wrong words such as left for right; irritable; inclined to speak sharply; brain fog; weak memory; facial neuralgia and toothache.

CONDITIONS: Coccyx injuries. Puncture wounds; lacerations; brain and spinal cord injuries; bites of animals and insects; bruises; hemorrhoids; sciatica; post-operative pain; sensitivity to light or intense heat.

This remedy is useful for backaches after surgeries in which a spinal anesthesia was applied and also for old injuries where there is lingering nerve pain.