Inachis io

(The European Peacock)

Patricia LeRoux conducted a proving at a seminar in Belgium in 2006 with 10 provers. Her description of the seminar included observations that everyone seeming to want to speak at once with conversations becoming confused and ever more confusing. Everyone felt good, full of energy, very active, and wanting to leave the room. Everyone seemed to be quite agitated. In a short time, the agitation settled in to a general sense of well-being with expressions of appreciation of each other’s color choices in clothes and style. Still lots of energy. Suddenly, one prover began to feel ill and the others begin to feel a concern that the remedy they had ingested might be dangerous . Many of them expressed a need to leave the seminar. (attacked, need for protection, need to hide). Interesting descriptions of many of the basic themes of butterfly remedies.

SENSITIVITIES: Dreams, in ore than once case, included the wearing of Venetian masks (the masks have a double face). These masks are considered by homeopathic practitioners to be symbolic of both the need to hide and the bi-polar aspects of this particular remedy.

ABANDONMENT: From the few recorded case histories, there seems to be a pattern in children of being raised in home environments where there are few rules and limits. The absence of authority can be the basis for the type of feelings of abandonment that are typical of this remedy. They want to be protected and given limits. They often act up to provoke the application of rules and boundaries in their lives.

PROTECTION/TRANSFORMATION: Feeling of threat hanging over them all the time; the metamorphosis aspects of butterfly remedies, in Inachis io, become ways to protect themselves from perceived threats. Even the manic and mild aspects of their personalities are ways to protect themselves and avoid trouble. The eyespots that give this butterfly its peacock name are only displayed when trying to frighten off predators. The flapping of their bright wings and a high whistling sound also helps frighten off predators.

COMMUNICATIONS: Sound is a very unusual characteristic for a butterfly and is part of the picture of the over-active, disruptive child who wants to tell you about everything and gets very agitated when not listened to. This need for speech was seen in the provers intense and confused conversations. This butterfly, when flapping its wings furiously to display it’s bright “eyes” so as to frighten off predators, produces a high-pitched squealing noise. Sounds by butterflies are very unusual and this is the only remedy in which I found any indication of talking and speech being common in the provings.

PHYSICAL: Sour burps and belches; pressure and stitches in the chest; symptoms are often very different from right to left; some indication of asymmetry of facial features and of the body.

COMMENTS: This is a remedy that has proven useful for disruptive, disobedient children who simply cannot sit still in school. They are restless, talkative, and agitated.

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