Kali bromatum

(Potassium Bromide)

The guilt of the bromatums is combined with the duty to principle of the kalis. This often manifests as guilt about religious duties or guilt about past mistakes or inability to live totally up to every principle and requirement. Feels like he can never do enough to be good enough.

The kali tendency to hold on to people, events, jobs and everything else combines with stage 17 pathology and becomes a pattern of hanging on by whatever means it takes. This remedy is also characterized by failing mental faculties and loss of memory.

MENTALS: Combine kali rigidness with bromatum guilt—Guilt about duties/responsibilities-often religious; Feels forsaken by God or singled our for special punishment because they did not do their duty; Need to escape “righteous” punishment.

GENERALS: Nervous system problems; Convulsions; catatonic states; autism; night terrors; Wringing of hands; Temperature: warm

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