Kali carbonicum

(Potassium Carbonate)

Duty and self-pity combine to make a remedy (and a person) of alternating moods. A keynote is wanting company but, when they come, treating them horribly or waiting for them to go.

MENTALS: Compulsive adherence to rules; Obstinate, dogmatic; Full of imagination and fear; Stoic; uncomplaining; Reluctant and resistant to any type of change.

GENERALS: Kali sense of duty with the carbonicum’s need for values and rules; this can get out-of-hand; Anxiety produces nausea/pain in stomach; Swollen eyelids; Asthma, worse during the night (2-4 AM); Back pain during the night; Severe back pain during menses, pregnancy, labor, or following a miscarriage; Ineffectual labor pains; Sleeplessness—“can’t let go of days events”; Worse at night and from cold—even cold drinks.

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