Kali phosphoricum

(Potassium Phosphate)

The combination of the phosphorus deep love of people and a tendency to put other people’s needs ahead of one’s own gets blown way out of proportion by the kali sense of duty. The result is nervous prostration, mental and physical fatigue, and general weakness.

MENTALS: Mental/physical exhaustion after stress; Brain fatigue–mental exertion aggravates; Slightest labor feels like a monumental task; Hypersensitivity to noise, etc.; Feels unable to cope; nervous dread/anxiety; Strong emotions such as anger, grief, or fright bring on illnesses; Gloom sliding into deep depression; Weak memory; forgetful; loss of memory; Shyness; dislike of meeting new people and talking with them; Nervous anxiety with dread

GENERALS: Famous remedy for exhaustion/chronic fatigue; Kali sense of duty combines with the phosphorus need to communicate & to keep friends informed about each others lives; Kali duty with phosphorus tendency to be upset at bad news (should have been able to fix or prevent it); Humming and buzzing in the ears; Sleeplessness from worry, too much mental activity, or business troubles; Temperature—neutral.

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