Lac caninum

(Dog's Milk)

The remedy guides contain several pages of symptoms for this remedy. I will list only a few of them here. Mind: despondent; oversensitive to touch; lack of self-confidence; fits of weeping; fears to be alone; fear of snakes—even dreams of snakes. Physical: pressure and swelling in abdomen; severe backache and stiffness of neck; mastitis in nursing mothers; ear infection that alternates from ear to ear; ringing in the ears; sensation of reverberation, like speaking in a large empty room; eyes watering and discharging; menses flows in gushes; craves milk and drinks it even though it aggravates; headache with blurred vision, nausea and vomiting; headaches that alternate sides; migraines; arthritic pains which move from joint to joint and side to side; sore throat; tonsillitis; tongue coated whitish gray, brown, or yellow matter; difficulty in reading because the letters seem to run together; tendency of eye to retain the impression of objects and colors; symptoms are better from cold drinks and open air; worse for touch, pressure, or motion; symptoms are often worse for rest.

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