Lachesis muta

(Bushmaster Snake)

MENTALS: Sarcasm and aggression with an uncanny ability to find a vulnerable spot to strike at. Manic depression; Mental symptoms, which are many, are sometimes worse after sleep and from grief, fright, anger, or disappointment in relationships; very imaginative; nervous and excitable; restless; wants to be off and doing somewhere else all the time; mischievous and sometimes malicious; subject to bouts of violent anger; an entire list of fears

CONDITIONS: Being a snake remedy, Lachesis is indicated for circulatory problems, particularly blockages and/or hemorrhages. Lachesis should be used for angina and congestive heart failure if the basic personality symptoms match. palpitations from being too warm and in the morning on waking; Some of the symptoms picture is a perfect description of a myocardial infarction. I would consider this one to give quickly in fairly high potency as you rush a heart attack victim to the hospital. Diptheria; liver conditions brought on by heavy alcohol drinking; bedsores; boils; high blood pressure; Severe sore throat; herpes eruptions; ulcers; left-sided paralysis after a stroke or extreme cerebral exhaustion.

COMMENTS AND INDICATIONS: Whether an adult or a child, there are overly strong emotions, particularly feelings of jealousy. In the child this often manifests as a need for the spotlight, or resentment if they are not in the spotlight. Jealousy can often be seen toward siblings, especially a new baby in the house. At school, this jealousy focuses on a student that seems to be getting extra attention from the teacher. A child (or an adult) may be possessive of his friends and demand that they pay attention to only him (or her) and not play with other friends.