Latrodectus mactans

(Black Widow Spider)

Latrodectus mactans symptoms are those of a classic heart attack. This remedy should be considered, or tried as a first response, whenever a heart attack is suspected.

OVER-STIMULATION: Occurs predominantly in the electrical system of the heart. The heart symptoms can be very frightening and very similar to the classic symptoms of a heart attack.

HEART: Latrodectus overstimulates both the heart, predominantly the electrical system, and the nervous system. Heart symptoms resemble those of a classic heart attack and include violent chest pains radiating out to the shoulders and down to the fingertips, usually of the left arm but can be both arms on occasion; partial paralysis of, usually, the left arm; symptoms are accompanied by restlessness, a feeble but rapid pulse, and great fatigue and prostration.

LUNGS: Gasping for breath; respiration very slow; pulmonary edema; cough with thick yellow sputum; great fear of suffocating.

BLOOD: Blood becomes very thin and watery with poor coagulability; chronic hemorrhage and bruising.

NERVES AND MENTAL: Intense anxiety, anguish, and fear of imminent dearth; inability to think clearly or make logical deductions; speech becomes hesitant; nervousness; depression; extreme mental fatigue; sensitivity to noise; tendency to complain, mostly to companion and close friends.

KIDNEYS: Urine reddish with burning pain; proteinuria; diminished levels of nitrogen in urine

GENERAL: Severe abdominal pain with nausea; colic; abdomen hard but without additional pain when touched; pain on swallowing; pain in the lumbar region of the back, in the neck, and in the back of the head; headache, worse between 2 and 3 pm; black, tarry vomit and stools; burning on the soles of the feet; hair loss; anxious sleep; vertigo.

MODALITIES: Better when sitting quietly; feels less restlessness and anxiety when lying on the right side with the head slightly raised; worse from the slightest movement­—often worse from moving just the hands.

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