Leptandra virginica

(Culver's Root)

Acts on the right side of the body and also on the liver; internal hemorrhages due to liver disorders; gloomy, despondent; weary, can hardly walk; irritable all day long; great distress in stomach and intestines; burning ache over liver and near the gallbladder area; chilly sensation in shoulders and down the back; dull frontal headache; drowsiness; red or orange colored urine; pain in sciatic nerve, on the left side, that is worse for sitting.

KEYNOTE: Jaundice; black, tarry stools.

SANKARAN MENTALS: A lot of despair and hopelessness. Being destroyed by, cannot recover from, the disconnection that he feels from others.

MIASM: Syphilis

COMPARISONS: Podophyllum peltatum, Iris versicolor, Bryonia alba, Mercurius solublis, Myrica cerifera

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