Limentis bredowii

(California Sister Butterfly)

Butterflies can symbolize lack of responsibility or can be a symbol of new beginnings and the emergence into a glorious new stage of being—beautiful, renewed, and no longer bound to earth.

RESPONSIBILITY/ABANDONMENT: Lack of responsibility shows more clearly in this remedy than in most of the other butterfly remedies. In adults, responsibility issues show up as a casual attitude toward their children and the responsibilities of parenthood. This pattern can become generational in the sense that the children of irresponsible parents often become irresponsible themselves or, conversely, display various issues of abandonment.

COMMUNICATION: Any communication by most butterflies is completely inaudible (to us, at least). Issues to do with communication seem to be a theme of this remedy and was also seen with Graphium. There are things that need to be brought out into the open and expressed, but which are never talked about for fear that it might upset someone or bring about criticism of themselves. The person feels that to speak up and create a problem might cause them to be even more unloved and unsupported.

SENSITIVITIES AND SKIN CONDITIONS: Skin issues appear at this time and from what little we know to be limited to burning sensations, mostly in old scars and wounds which are also painful and red; there are also cracks at the corners of the mouth.

TEMPERATURE AND FEVER: Warmth alternating with cold; clammy with cold hands and feet.

PHYSICAL/GENERAL: Easily bruised, even from just being held firmly; dull pain in left temple; pain behind the eyes; pain extending from left ear to the teeth; capricious appetite with indigestion; weak voice, whispery; asthmatic at night; palpitations at night; pain and stiffness in left cervical region of the back; pain in right knee that is better for walking.

KIDNEYS: Bed wetting; urinary incontinence.

REPRODUCTIVE: Generally strong and well-grounded sexually but may show the patterns of early abandonment. Unusually fragile where reproduction and sexual relationships are concerned.

MENTAL: Little capacity for, or even a very strong aversion to, mental effort; feeling of dullness and disconnectedness after mental exertion; dislikes or has turned away from mental activity (this is a little bit different from the typical butterfly pattern.)

EMOTIONAL: This is a remedy for those just about to emerge into a new level of life and joy. Emotional patterns include being encased (chrysalis stage) in grief but wanting desperately to be free of it; craving solitude in the moment but also longing to be “flitting about” in the world without a care; anxiety about the future because they feel that there are no limits or guidance to protect them; inconsolable when criticized; affectionate; naive; spontaneous; can be cheerful, happy, with a feeling of lightness and joy.
Limentis is also a remedy for adolescence and for parents of adolescents. For parents/people who have plenty of love and compassion but are unable or unwilling to set limits for their loved ones. It is also a remedy for teens who have feelings of being without guidance, limits, or adequate protection and for teens who are unable or unwilling to se boundaries for themselves.

AGITATION: Panic or agitation when amid conflict.

MODALITIES: Is always better in the open air; attached to home, which represents the protection and limits that is always sought for by the Limentis personality.

COMMENTS: Found this description on a web-site. “Of all the butterflies, Limentis is the most beautiful, the most stable, the most down to earth, the most faithful.” It is always nice to focus for a moment on the positive aspects of any homepathic remedy; we spend so much of our time analyzing the negative aspects.

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