Loxosceles reclusa

(Brown Recluse Spider)

OVER-STIMULATION: Over-stimulation occurs mostly to the nerves and to the mental state and is followed almost immediately by a depressed and collapsed state.

HEART: The symptoms of this remedy lack the frightening heart and hemorrhagic/blood symptoms that occur with other spider remedies. There are heart symptoms but they are usually not severe. Symptoms include feelings of excess energy in the heart, as if large quantities of caffeine had been consumed; heart palpitations occurring after frightening dreams; accelerated pulse; mild pain in sternum

LUNGS: Accelerated breathing seems to be the only lung symptom for this milder spider remedy.

NERVES AND MENTAL: Over-stimulation to the nerves manifests first as over sensitivity and rudeness, then rage, and finally deteriorates into deep, even suicidal, depression; sudden anger followed by quick remorse; feels forsaken; forgetful; difficulty concentrating; apathy; obstinate; lack of self-confidence; a confusing symptom of Loxosceles reclusa is, unlike Theridion curassavicum, the person may show an industrious almost manic attitude toward work.

KIDNEYS: Urine is very scanty, bright yellow in color with a strong odor; bed-wetting.

GENERAL: Alternating coldness and heat; cramping pain in the abdomen; backache in the lumbar region; stiffness in neck and back; eyes are bloodshot in the mornings; frontal headaches that throb and pulse with burning pressure behind the eyes; joint pains; sciatica that is better for walking; heartburn; belching; nausea.

MODALITIES: Symptoms are worse in the early evening but better during the night and worsening again in the morning or waking.

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